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The Problem

The Problem

Today's Internet is what happens when evolution is a rush-job. Each piece bolted-on to the last in an architecture founded on principles first envisioned 40 years ago. Appropriated and constructed to serve the few - not the many.

Today, almost every one of our digital actions is managed and governed by one of a tiny handful of major centralized entities in the online world.

But what if the internet of the future didn't have to be the internet of the past? What if we weren't afraid to dream that it could be decentralized, equal, secure and constructed for all people - not just big people.

The Solution

The Solution

Gaia is a genesis-event to re-appropriate the ideals of true decentralization and collaboration. It is the Internet reconstructed to serve humanity and to power our future, not to a dystopian misadventure, but to enable humanity to collaborate, inquire, explore and prosper.

And while all successful movements need a leader; this time we need to make sure it's all of us.

The Ecosystem

The Gaia platform introduces the next generation of computing, putting more power than ever before directly in the hands of users.

  • Cognitive Database

    Intrinsically clustered and distributed to finally integrate smart machines—from phones to airplanes—into our daily lives.

  • Distributed Fabric

    A worldwide, distributed hypermesh empowering computers to connect directly without the need of a cloud.

  • Global Transaction System

    A distributed blockchain that scales and can support both main and side chains with clustering and queuing.

  • Rules Engine

    Declarative programming with a rich workflow that helps users create their own distributed applications without having to know code.

The Team

  • David Vaskevitch
    Founder & Member

    2nd CTO in Microsoft history, founded MS consulting, MS Enterprise, MS Office, father of SQL

  • Mehtap Ozkan
    Founder & Member

    Investor, consumer software, architecture, XML and web services architect, cryptology

  • Anders Vinberg

    Technical architect and fellow, security expert, trust plane, distributed fabric

  • Sam Mann

    Machine learning engineer, machine learning on the Edge/device

  • Dante Knowles

    Cognitive computing, machine learning, probabilistic knowledge graph, NLP

  • Deon Brewis

    Architect and Chief Developer, peer to peer replication, syncing and catalog Management

  • Wilhem Mitchel

    Peer to peer replication, network stack, principal engineer

  • Bill Begorre

    Development Manager, peer to peer replication, network stack and principal engineer

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